D’Lembrança means Of Memory in Portuguese and she’s one of the few fully prepped bodies pulled from my old body box. It’s amazing how well gesso holds up over the years!

This little gal was my first stab at a primarily pastel horse (no acrylic basecoat, just white gesso) this time around. She was supposed to end up a brighter red bay, but I know enough not to argue with a horse when it chooses another color path.

The black mane and tail do have an acrylic basecoat and some detailing, but I’ve tried to keep the edges soft, so the transition between the mediums isn’t as harsh. I used Prismacolor pencils to give her hooves some growth rings, although I still need to work on that technique. *pokes horse*

She has carved hooves, shaded eyes, glossed inner nostrils and eyes, seams are sanded and logo has been removed. I think I did carve the ears as well, but I can’t tell for sure—the problem with working for models prepped years ago is that I forgot what I did to them! (arg)

There is an odd dent in her mane (look at the Front photo, it’s on the left-hand side right in front of her ear). I’m not sure where it came from, but it looks like a mold defect. Not sure if that throws her out of the photo show rings, but it’s probably noticeable enough that she’s not LSQ.

Still, I think she turned out pretty nice and I’m looking forward to trying again on another mold! 🙂

Make: Breyer
Scale: Stablemate
Mold: Paso Fino (G2)
Color: Golden Bay
Gallery: Bay
Medium: Liquitex Artist’s Color Acrylics (Ivory Black, Gesso, Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna), Sargent Art Chalk Pastels (Earthtone), and Prismacolor Pencils (964, 1056, 1052, 1074)
Status: Painted January 2012 and Sold!

D’Lembrança D’Lembrança D’Lembrança D’Lembrança

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