Decluttering (or Five Links and a Plan)

Try, Try, Again

Some things I’m planning on doing in 2013 aren’t counted as new year’s resolutions because they are technically old year’s resolutions. Plus their success is determined only by ‘is it better than last year? You win!’… which makes them less resolutions and more directional goals.

One of those perennial motivations is to declutter, for lo, I come from a long line of crafters and handymenfolks. There is no random item on earth that I can’t come up with a reason to keep (assuming it’s not trash).

So, erm, yes—I was looking over the Clutterfat Challenge that Zen Habits and Be More With Less are running and I’m torn. I already have a lot to do this month, but the lure of living in a house with a place for everything and everything in its place is addicting.

So I’ve decided to be a Clutterfat-rebel and not hold myself to the 30-day window. I’m starting small, in grand FlyLady fashion, but instead of shining my sink I’m going to shine my writing desk. From there I’ll slowly creep out in ripples of clean until the whole house is neat and clean and probably still full of model horses.

And dogs.

But I do like the Clutterfree idea of making a list of everything I own. Sadly, it would probably take me all month to make said list, so I’m just going to stick with things that would be useful to have lists of.

Wild LinkLove Tangent: In the midst of reading the various takes on Clutterfree, I stumbled across a blog called The Kaizen Plan and I’d like to give her some link love because she posted updates in 2011 every single week, and that’s pretty darned inspiring!

I also found Project 333 which focuses on wearing only 33 articles of clothing for 3 months and is definitely going onto my ‘things to try’ list for 2013. I’m not sure I even own 33 things (per what counts as ‘things’) so it will be interesting to see how I stack up…

Onwards! 😀

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