All These Molehills

Garbage Day, My Nemesis!

View From The Molehill is an odd category and I was waffling over whether to post a yearly sum-up for it. Other than the book reviews (which lasted two library runs) and setting up the treadmill computer, it’s mostly ramblings on how being an adult is Hard™.

First World Problems, I can haz. *sighs*

But I figured it couldn’t hurt and it will be a nice measuring stick for next year’s round-up. Plus I had some good ideas last year, even if I didn’t quite get around to implementing them—and it can’t hurt to give it another go!

Year In Review


335 New Year’s Resolutions (approx)
Just a Jump to the Right


The Wasteland of a Clean Desk
Read Moar Books!
Read Moar Books #001
Read Moar Books #002
Sea Changes and Far Horizons
Read Moar Books #003
Five Things I Learned From February


Why I don’t Need 1,000 Notebooks
This is Why I Can’t Have Nice Lists


NyQuil™©® Paranoia
Five Things I Learned From March


Lady, Baby, Gypsy, Queen
Library Fines and New Year’s Irresolutions
I Don’t Want to be a Millionare
Monday’s Child is Unwilling to Be Defined By Nursery Rhymes


Days Of Future Last Tuesday, Just Before Tea*
Treadmill Computing (or: Azeroth Walkabouts)


Trash Tuesday, Saturday Dump Days, and other Relics of Adulthood


Bad Hurricane, No Biscuit


Five Things I Learned From August


Reclaiming Morning


My Life, Deconstructed
How Not to Use a Treadmill Desk


An Ode To A Cat
A Small Internet Holiday

Make A Wish

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