A Year of Tinkering


I didn’t have any specific goals for the website last year other than ‘more traffic’, which is probably why the Martha.net subblog meandered from topic to topic without getting much done.

Most of the posts had to do with beating the Mystique theme into shape—which proved to be much harder than intended (and why I’ve got ‘build my own theme’ as this year’s goal).

With luck next year’s review will be tilted in favor of the ‘how to do what I did’ posts as opposed to ‘what I’m going to do.’ *kicks code*

Year in Review


No posts is not the best way to start the year…


Or continue it.


And lo, the chainsawing of Mystique has begun!

Comment Spam (or: I’m Not That Awesome, Really)
How to Hack the Mystique Theme to add Default Category Thumbnails
Cross-Contamination (or: Pass Me the Style Section)


Content scheduling, Mystique hacking… I was on a roll!

Herding Cats and Sorting Sand
Hacking the Mystique Theme to Change the Header Tagline
Hacking the Mystique Theme to Use Icons for Header Menu Choices
Unlocking the Archives (or: When Old Content is New Again)
What does mystique_logo() Do?


Not many changes here, just blog tweaking and starting to ponder my place in the web.

April Showers Bring May Flowers
Function List for settings.php : Mystique WordPress Theme version 2.4.2
Function List for Core.php : Mystique WordPress Theme version 2.4.2
Playing Kevin Bacon with the Internet
Test of LiveJournal Crossposting Plugin
Predictably Unpredictable
Autoposting Fail: I Can Haz It


A megablog birthday and some thoughts on blog interactions.

One Year of the Megablog!
And Together, They Fight Spam!
Sharing the Link Love


Another off month… I need to stop having those.


More tweaks to make things a bit easier to read, story of my life…

Content Is Third In Line For The Throne
Slimming Down the Front Page
The Great Tag Implosion
Revamping the Gallery


The first post here is still one of my favorite blog tweaks—there’s nothing quite as much fun as stumbling over an old post you’d forgotten about. It’s one of the reasons I’m trying so hard to make the website easy to navigate!

Adding ‘Day in Ages Past’ to Your Single Posts
LinkLove : zenhabits (or: Zen Habits)


You’d think with all the planning I do that I’d be better at pre-writing posts by now.

Outlining November’s Posts


There was supposed to be four rounds of Link Love during NaNo, but I seriously underestimated my time management skills. Again. *sighs*

LinkLove, NaNoWriMo Edition : Round 1
LinkLove, NaNoWriMo Edition : Round 2


To useful posts and one bit of fluff to round out the year—here’s hoping 2012’s ratio is even better!

Breadcrumbs and Button Clicks
When is a Blog a Blog?
Dear Spammers (RE: Facebook Friends)

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