2012 Commission Slots Open!

Pretty much what it says in the title– now that I’m officially a business I can start taking orders! *grin*

For 2012 I will have two concurrent slots running (plus a donation-only slot), since I’m not sure how long they will take me to do. You can place an order either by contacting me directly or by putting in a custom order request through my Etsy store (aptly titled MarthaBechtel).

If you check out the commissions page you’ll see all the details. Please keep in mind that National Novel Wiriting Month months will be slower since I am also squeezing in 50,000 words (June, August, November).

This is a rough-guesstimate schedule and I may open additional slots, depending on how long it takes me to finish each order. I’ll announce new slots as they happen on the Facebook page and here on the website.

In 2012 I will be taking orders for 1:32 scale and smaller (Chips, Stablemates, Bantam, Micro Mini) and Medallions only. Come 2013 I may expand that range, but for now it’s limited to the little guys.

Let's Get Painting!

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