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D’Lembrança means Of Memory in Portuguese and she’s one of the few fully prepped bodies pulled from my old body box. It’s amazing how well gesso holds up over the years!

This little gal was my first stab at a primarily pastel horse (no acrylic basecoat, just white gesso) this time around. She was supposed to end up a brighter red bay, but I know enough not to argue with a horse when it chooses another color path.


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Money to Burn

Money to Burn

Money to Burn

Originally painted back in the early 2000’s this little gal has gone back under the brush to fix some rubs and bring her up to current standards! She might have been a snappy dresser before, but this time I think she’s really nailed the look…

Money started out as a basic red bay, then turned into a red buckskin with reverse dappling, and is now a much smuttier buckskin with milder dappling. Her white and silver ribbons didn’t survive the new round of pastels, so I’ve repainted them to a nice mottled green. I was planning to go back with copper crosshatching, but I think she looks pretty dapper as is. (more…)

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My Brain Needs a Pause Button

Lately every time I sit down to get some words on the page or paint on a horse– I end up getting distracted by The Shiny™ and don’t realize I’ve been distracted until it’s time for bed.

Right now the only time I can guarantee I’ll stay focused is on the Saturday Write-Ins at the coffee shop, where I don’t have any choice but to write. (Or chat with friends.) ((But mostly write.)) (more…)

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Planning for Overhead Costs

One of the things people often forget when thinking about starting a crafting business is the overhead costs.

Overhead costs are those costs not tied directly to a single art or writing project. In a normal brick and mortar business these would be things like rent, utilities, and administrative salaries. They are all bills that have to be paid, but folks don’t always remember to figure them into the sales prices! (more…)

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