335 New Year’s Resolutions (approx)

The year is over, long live the year!

As unrealistic as it is to assume that we are issued a blank slate and a fresh start on the first day of a new year, I found myself unable to really put any long term goals on paper before today. I had some hazy ideas of what I wanted to do and some rather concrete ideas of what I didn’t want to do, but it isn’t until today that I’ve been able to start breaking them down.

I started with the basic idea that at the end of 2011 that I wanted concrete things that I could look back on as having accomplished. So I’m making a list of daily things that I can check off, and yes that means beyond the cut is 365 days worth of things (minus holidays, vacations, and NaNoWriMo) that I plan on doing.

As new events are planned, I will go back and move things around, so items may be moved off into a ‘bonus points’ list for the month. But I’m trying to keep all of the goals simple and easy to do in under an hour. That way if I have more time and energy, I can think up additional things to do based on the monthly theme, and if not I can just get the task done and over with.

2010 Monthly Themes : Finances, Eating Healthy, Getting Organized/Simplifying, Learn Something New, Active Powers Activate!, Indulge Creativity, Home Business, Simplify/Clarify, Family/Friends, Home Improvement, NaNoWriMo, Reflection

Read onwards at your own peril!


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