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The Editing Chainsaw

Breadcrumbs and Button Clicks

You may have noticed I did a little bit of tweaking to the Single Post next/previous navigation in the hopes of making the archives a little more user friendly. Mystique uses next_post_link and previous_post_link which default to a time-based navigation—which isn’t helpful when most of my users are more interested in categories.

I couldn’t find any good plug-ins for multi-category navigation (which is odd) so I popped open single.php and started playing. (more…)

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Make: Breyer
Scale: Stablemate
Mold: Shetland Pony (G2)
Color: Red and Black Ladybug
Gallery: Darwin
Medium: Acrylics
Status: Painted 200? and Sold 200?

Bringing a new high to truth in advertising, this little guy is just what he says on the tin. Based on the Coccinella septempunctata seven-spot pattern, Ladybug is leaning more towards ‘artistic license’ rather than ‘realistic’… but you have to admit he’s cute! (more…)

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Planning Serial Stories for 2012

Notebooks Away!

I sat down yesterday and hashed out a general plan for 2012 in terms of serial stories. Since I’m leaning towards finishing the stories before posting them, I’ve decided to focus on getting the short stories done first and worry about the serial novels later.

Note: This plan does not include flash fiction, DVD extras, or other shorter/longer works. Everything I’m talking about here is meant to be 8-10k words and run for two months. (more…)

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Why I’m Using Amazon Payments Instead Of PayPal

I’ve heard horror stories about PayPal for almost as long as the company has existed. There are numerous websites about the various folks they’ve taken money from and sellers that they have screwed over. I actually setup a second bank account back when I did this the first time, just so PayPal wouldn’t have access to anything but the business funds.

But most of the bad things I knew about happened years ago and thus I’ve been waffling about using PayPal or not when it comes to my business.

And then this happened. The story is still spreading across the internet like wildfire, so hopefully PayPal will fix this in the next 24 hours. (Check out this wonderful post by GreenGeekGirl that breaks it down step-by-step.)

Now I am firmly now in the NOT camp. (more…)

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