So Long 2011!

Changing of the Guard
Changing of the Guard

Last year I had a blast coming up with 335 (approx) daily new year’s resolutions.

Did I manage to keep them all? Well, no, not even close—but I did end up checking off a lot more of them than I had thought I would.

As tempted as I was to simply repeat the list here and check them off, it occurred to me that I got a lot accomplished that wasn’t on the list.

So time for a new list!

Accomplishments of 2011

Real Life Stuffs

Goodbye (and cat)
Goodbye (and cat)
  • Found a new job within the same company but in a seriously less stressful (and more awesome!) department
  • Walked a 5k with the dogs and Dad
  • Nine year wedding anniversary, woo!
  • Survived a deployment
  • And a hurricane
  • And an earthquake
  • And a dog undergoing surgery
  • And gathered the courage to put my cat to sleep
  • And managed not to gain any weight even with all of the above
  • Got to Buffalo for Thanksgiving!
  • Built a monthly budget using Mint
  • More or less stuck to the budget
  • Built and started using a Treadmill Desk
  • Planned grand small business plans for 2012
  • Didn’t give up on habits just because they didn’t work immediately
  • Completely cleaned and decorated the guest bedroom
  • Emptied and organized the computer room
  • Learned how to use a daily planner

Writing and Model Horse Related

Elmhurst - Thumbnail
Elmhurst Donation

Blog Related

2011 Google Analytics Report
  • Posted something every single day, even if it was just a model horse (and even if I back-dated things)
  • Participated in The Great Blog Noblegarden Egg Hunt
  • Participated-ish in the Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving Event 2011
  • I wrote: 304 Unquiet Bones posts, 229 posts, 39 Perish Twice posts, 14 Everyday Dragons posts, 27 View From The Molehill posts, and 30 posts
  • I learned how to code in PHP and WordPress-ese
  • I ripped apart the Mystique theme until I liked the way it looked (and am still ripping)

And you know, maybe 2011 wasn’t such a FAIL or a year after all– I can’t wait to see what 2012 brings!

Failure is the New Breakfast

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012!