Saturday Story Prompts [2011.12.17]

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1. Fake gold nuggets aren’t as easy to make as she thought and her first few attempts attract too much attention. She learns from those mistakes and recalibrates the fabricator to produce less valuable, but less alarming currency.

2. Night falls abruptly as they take the first few steps down the path into the valley. The edge of the cliffs slice across the sunset in a sharp black line pitching the lead riders into darkness.

3. ‘Easy come, easy go’ has a way of turning into just ‘easy go’ and it doesn’t take long until they’re broke, but happy.

4. Animals were always nicer than humans, at least to Terry, and he found himself daydreaming of otters stopping in to buy overcoats… But when the store’s door-chime rang, he got Mrs. Wilson and her triplets instead.

5. Cats are no more mystical than dogs, they’ve just got better press.


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Night falls abruptly as they take the first few steps down the path into the valley. Saturday Story Prompt. December 17, 2011
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