Saturday Story Prompts [2011.12.31]

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1. Morning comes much too quickly for comfort, the skies tumbling from deep purple to a clear bright blue as the twin-suns burn the cloud cover away.

2. Just because they knew the risk doesn’t make failure any easier to bear and We’re sorry for your loss echoes hollowly along the empty corridors behind her. They’ll be sorry the next time too, and the next, for as many empty condolences as it takes until she reaches their goal.

3. The hard part about telling stories is figuring out where they begin and end, because there are always ‘and then what’s and ‘but before that’s to wrestle with.

4. “Stop!” He shouted— and then ran smack into his target as the thief complied.

They went down in a tangle of legs and fancy necklaces and came up again with a fair bit of cursing, loose pearls, and undignified scrambles for weaponry.

5. Bert is the best kind of alien: humanoid, non-threatening, with a sunny personality and an endless curiosity about his hosts. For the first week everyone fights over the chance to show him around, but after that the novelty wears off– there’s only so many way to answer ‘but why is that funny/sad/insulting/relevant?’ before they start defaulting to ‘just Google it.’


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041 Saturday Story Prompts 2011-12-31
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