Saturday Story Prompts [2011.12.10]

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1. “‘Never bind a demon you can’t kill alone’,” his missing eye burnt red against in the darkness as he recited the Second Rule, “you forget such simple things, my master.”

2. The temperature swings are nearly unbearable, the heat during the day traps them in hastily built dens and the cold at night cuts to the bone. If they can’t find the tunnel entrance tomorrow there’s a chance none of them will make it back.

3. Sky People can’t help but fly, the drive to touch the clouds sings in their blood. By glider and balloon, by plane and by bird, they fling themselves towards the stars every chance they get—if some of them fall, it’s a small price to pay to claim their heritage.

4. Four people leave the forest, pacing out the cardinal directions: North to the lands of ice and winter; East to the coasts of the rising sun and deep salt seas; West to the rolling hills that no man has returned from crossing; and South to the swamps that nibble away at the land, each year consuming five handspans of good solid earth.

5. The city sings them to sleep with the sounds of a life they’d both forgotten in the mists.


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The city sings them to sleep with the sounds of a life they’d both forgotten in the mists. Saturday Story Prompt. December 10, 2011
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