Landshark’s Shadow

Landshark's Shadow

Make: Breyer
Scale: Stablemate
Mold: Warmblood (G2)
Color: Bay
Gallery: Bay
Medium: Acrylics, Pastels, Prismacolor Pencils
Status: Painted 200? and Home Herd

This little guy was one of my favorite customs and I regretted selling him almost as soon as I’d put him in the mail. Amazingly I stumbled across him on MH$P a few years later and was able to bring him home again! He’s now safly ensconced in the Home Herd and won’t be going anywhere (except a photo show or two).

Technically this little guy is not a resculpt since all I did was removed plastic! The roached mane and the tail braid were all carved out and not a smidge of epoxy is in this little guy.

He was originally painted in acrylics, but I remember adding a layer of pastels when I got him back again. There’s nothing like being able to go back and bring and old custom up to your current skill level!

At some point I will probably order a set of polo tack from a SM tackmaker—I had grand plans of doing it myself, but after several attempts I’ve learned Classic is the smallest tack scale that I can pull off semi-successfully. *sighs*

Landshark's Shadow
Landshark's Shadow
Landshark's Shadow
Landshark's Shadow
Landshark's Shadow

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