And Miles To Go Before I Sleep

Treadmill Computer
World of Treadcraft!

Today is the first day of my official Warcraft Gym Membership!

For those of you who haven’t been playing along at home, this silliness is just my early New Year’s Resolution to spend more time on my treadmill computer. By the end of 2012, I’d like to be playing 1.5 hours a day on a regular basis, which equates to three miles walked at 2mph.

I lead a rather sedentary life and it’s time for that to change– What better way than to combine it with a hobby I love?

Thus starting next Sunday I’ll be making weekly ‘keep me accountable’ posts on how many miles I walked, how far I leveled, and what I learned about walking & playing techniques. I’ve joined a new guild over on Dragonmaw with some fellow NaNoers, so I’ve got an inventive to meet the weekly leveling requirements!

I’ll still be posting on the normal leveling, Blog Azeroth, and other fun ‘watch Martha fail the learning curve’ topics about dual-boxing, so the Sunday posts will be aimed at other folks who play on treadmills. I know you’re out there… *pokes blogosphere*

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