And He’s Off! (of Auctions and Signal Boosting)

Elmhurst Donation

My donation to the Elmhurt Medallion fundraiser for Our Mims is now on eBay– so if you’re fond of racehorses and even more fond of non-profits who give retired racehorses a home then please check him out!

He’s only a five day auction and I’ve been hopping about trying to find ways to make sure people know he’s out there. The auctions are hidden down in the racing collectables instead of in the normal model horse section of eBay, so unless I can reach folks outside of Blab, no one’s going to know he’s there!

So how do you boost the signal?

The Model Horse Blab

The original thread asking for donations as well as the initial auction announcement was on Blab, so that’s the most obvious place to start.

Since the main auction thread is about all nine medallions in this batch, I started a new thread that was specific to my little guy. That way he won’t get lost on the larger thread and I can shamelessly ‘bump’ the thread every day or so to make sure it gets eyeballs. The forums are really busy and not everyone will notice him go by.

The Model Horse Sales Pages (MH$P)

Next, I hopped over to the Model Horse Sales Pages (MH$P) and renewed my sellers account for a month so I could post him in the gallery. I’ll buy a proper year’s membership once I can write it off as a business expense. *grin*

Again, there was a posting for the nine horse conga, but that was made back when the first auction started in November. MH$P is a high traffic area, so I made my Elmo his own listing and I’ll be reposting him once every few days (same as bumping the thread in Blab). Not enough to get annoying, but enough to make sure I catch all the eyeballs I can.


Ah Facebook, default promotional center of the world! *grin*

I got up off my duff this weekend and setup the Facebook page for my business. It’s not fancy right now, but it gives me a place to upload his sales photos and then a link to share with everyone. I posted a link to the auction and asked the folks on my personal FB to boost the signal if they had horsey friends, so hopefully that will get a few eyeballs as well.

As an unexpected bonus, the sculptor of the medallion also boosted the signal which I was totally not expecting! *does small happy dance*

Google Plus

I don’t have anyone in my circles at G+ from the model horse community (at least not that I know of), but there are several hundred NaNoers and I’m hoping some of them like horses. Again, I asked politely for a signal boost, since this is for charity and I have no shame! *grin*

And lo, I need to sit down and start building up my model horse circles as well…

Roads Less Traveled

There are other places on the web where I’m sure I can spread the fundraising joy, but I’ve been out of the hobby so long I’m not sure where they are. Which means my ‘homework’ for tonight is to sit down and Google my way into some new venues.

Being Socially Social

December is all about learning the new ins-and-outs of where and when to promote horses for sale. All of my knowledge is many a year out of date and while I’ve done some initial investigation, I haven’t really hunted all the avenues down. (For example, I don’t know how much traffic the old Yahoo Groups get anymore.)

I’m really trying to focus on quality over quantity this time around, so I’m focusing on improving my skills as well as improving my sales. The best place to learn how to do that is from other customizers, so I need to find out where they are and jump in!

Nothing like using at a scheduling calendar to write ‘be constructively social’ in various timeslots! *laughs*

Martha Bechtel

My name is Martha Bechtel and I write fantasy and science fiction stories, paint small model horses silly colors, cast resin and plaster magnets, code random code (and Wordpress plugins)... Come on in and join in the fun!