The Elmhursts are coming! The Elmhursts are coming!

Elmhurst Donation

Remember this little guy? Well him and seven of his twins (one be’horned) are galloping off to eBay starting on the 27th!! (Which, erm, yes, was yesterday, but I was busy driving back from Buffalo and not able to get online to do the Snoopy dance.)

All of the auctions are five day auctions, so if you are looking for a) and awesome sculpture/ornament/le horse and b) a great way to donate to help out the retired racehorses (and Elmhurst himself!) at Our Mims Retirement Haven— then search no more. Just hop on over to the Ourmims-org eBay account and start bidding!

“This is a medallion of the 1997 Breeders Cup Sprint Winner Elmhurst. Approximately 4″ square in size, this resin piece was sculpted by Morgen Kilbourn especially for Our Mims Retirement Haven. A group of unpainted and unfinished Elmhurst medallions were handed out to some very special artists and donated back in their finished states. Auctions for these medallions begin tonight. There are a total of 8 medallions being offered in this group with one medallion offered every 3 days. The photo does not show it, but there is a loop in the mane that will allow a ribbon to be run through and the medallion hung like an ornament.”

There have been noises about a second round of donations that will be offered later, so I’ll boost the signal on that one when it happens. For now I’ll just be hopping back here and updating the eBay links as they come live.

I’m totally shameless, so I’ll be posting against on the third to remind all and sundry that my donation is up for bid!

Elmhurst Medallions - Group Shot

Nov 27th – Christine Lewis
Nov 30th – Dottie Hayes
Dec 3rd – Martha Bechtel
Dec 6th – Cindy Evans
Dec 9th – Jamie Brooks
Dec 12th – Sara Gifford
Dec 15th – Shauna McDaniel
Dec 18th – Sara Bercier

… and if you are looking to bid on Elmhorn (the unicorn), he starts on Dec 15th! *grin* (And I might, possibly, maybe have to bid on that one myself… *shifty eyes* So. Awesome.)

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