Saturday Story Prompts [2011.11.05]

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1. Once Upon a Time goes forwards as well as back, some fairy tales just haven’t happened yet

2. The South’s only trees are tiny stunted things carefully tended by royalty and nurtured through the sicknesses that strangles less pampered groves. They’ve build their cities of brick and bones– nothing here is made of wood, save the emperor’s throne.

When the first explorers from the North emerge from the deserts are quickly slaughtered for their wagons.

3. The sky’s slides into infinity as you look up and out. Light years to light centuries to light millennium, and still the stars roll on.

4. Cats made poor conversationalists because they were only ever concerned with themselves. They were the center of their universe, even when other cats were involved, and they trended more towards Twitter than Blogging.

5. No one is sure when ‘What If’ was replaced with ‘How Soon’, but willing suspension of disbelief gradually gave way to an everyday expectation of the impossible. Spaceships and laser guns, communicators and translators, bit by bit reality consumed science fiction until the new advances were no longer new, just slightly delayed confirmations of the truth.


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