Saturday Story Prompts [2011.11.19]

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1. Yin is all that stands between them and the light and already his form is fading at the edges. “RUN!”

2. Winter on the sands is bitterly cold and the air’s too dry for clouds, much less snow. Still, if he squints with the sun at just the right angle, the dunes almost look like home.

3. “Stop following me!” She turned, walking backwards to glare at him.

“I’m not, I’m following the road.” He pointedly kept his gaze on the horizon.

4. Hundreds of lifetimes have been spent tweaking and retweaking the timelines until everything comes into position in one blinding flash– and the ability to invent time travel is meticulously wiped out of existence.

5. The tea is bitter, over-steeped, and slightly singed, but Carl accepts it gracefully and Mimi beams.


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Stop following me! She turned, walking backwards to glare at him. Saturday Story Prompt. November 19, 2011
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