Saturday Story Prompts [2011.11.26]

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1. He couldn’t blame them for thinking the cliffs were the end of the world, those brave enough to look over the edge saw only smooth glassy rock and clouds.

2. The worst part was it looked like a normal tree. Sitting alone on the grassland’s horizon there was nothing to measure it against and it looked to be no more than an hour away. It was only after a week on the trail, when it hadn’t changed at all, that his mind started to grasp its immensity.

3. Getting fired was oddly anticlimactic; he packed his things into the proffered box with a detached confusion. He’d been here seven years, almost a year’s worth of Monday’s spent dreading the return of the workweek. And now he wouldn’t be here ever again. He paused when the desk was clear, taking in the idea that he was finally free.

4. After the third week, she stopped worrying about where they were. Specific location was a foreign concept to their local guides, who led the way by the strength of the current and the warmth of the waves. They were ‘in the middling sea’ and not ‘in the southern current’, anything more was unnecessary.

5. “Don’t leave me,” she grabbed his hand, searching for any scrap of hesitation, “please.”


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The worst part was it looked like a normal tree. Saturday Story Prompt. November 26, 2011
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