NaNoWriMo 2011 : Day 20

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Grind, Grind, Grind

Starting Wordcount: 21,304
Goal Wordcount: 33,333

This year’s NaNo novel was pretty much a giant mess of a mess as of yesterday. Thanks to a Hulu marathon of Once Upon A Time and Grimm I was able to pull the story apart and rebuild it to match what I’d written already. Scarily it wasn’t as hard to fit the pieces together as I had thought, which means my subconscious is getting better at this whole ‘novel writing’ thing!

So today’s goal is to hit the 30k mark, which will only put me about two days behind. I should be able to make that up easily on Tuesday, with smooth sailing from there. I’m not sure if I can hit 30k, but I’m at 28k now and I’ve got my fingers crossed. I’ve got plenty of time between now and the 30th to catch up if I don’t, but I’d like to get things off to a good start for next week.

Happy NaNo’ing all!

Martha Bechtel

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