NaNoWriMo 2011 : Day 15

Not a Happy Graph

Starting Wordcount: 17,038 (from Day 14)
Goal Wordcount: 25,000

This wasn’t the sort of graph I was expecting to see at the halfway point. Not with all the Good Ideas™, and Thematic Themes™, and Plotty-bits™ that I’d managed to work out in October. There’s a solid story here, I can feel the bones of the idea—I’m just having problems getting my teeth into it.

To be fair, I also wasn’t expecting quite the rally I had last year (where I ended up ten thousand words ahead) but I was planning on having that little brown line a smidge higher than where it is.

And by ‘smidge’ I mean ‘at least eight thousand words.’


But all is not lost, not by a long shot. If I write 2,060 words a day I’ll make it by the 30th.

If I write nothing while on holiday, 2,296 words a day on non-traveling days and 5,000 words on car-trip days I’ll make it by the 30th.

If I take this Saturday’s write-in and do nothing but word sprints—I can write 300 words every five minutes of complete gibberish that may or may not move the story forward. … So yeah, maybe not so many word sprints.

But I refuse to give up, for lo, I am stubborn.

(And I haven’t gotten to the werewolf bartender yet…)

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