NaNoWriMo 2011 : Day 10

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Current Wordcount: 12,525 (from Day 6)
Goal Wordcount: 16,667

As expected, I succumbed to the normal November Martian Death Flu, which means I got nothing done since the kick-ass write-in on Sunday. Thankfully I ended up a day ahead at the end of that write-in, so I’m not as far behind as I might have been.

That still leaves me with four thousand plus words to write today in order to catch up again—and I’m not feeling it. I’ve got some ideas kicking around, so it won’t be a zero wordcount day, but I’m still fighting off the last of the cold/flu-thingy, so I’m probably going to zonk out relatively soon after I get home.

For now the plan is to get some wordsprints done using the titles of my old Stargate fan fiction as prompts. They may not end up in the second draft, but it should at least give me some world building details and maybe some what-ifs for the subplotting.

Which, for your amusement value, are: A Bitter Kind of Mercy | A Fair Ways | A Star to Sail Her By | Across Wide Water, Without Sound | Against the Dying of the Light | Alien | Almost Superman | And Beats High Mountain Down | And to Think I Saw It on Mulberry Street | Bedknobs and Broomsticks | Carry Me Home | Choices | Come Sail Away | Echoes | Equivalent Exchange | Fair Maid of Mine | Fair Winds and Following Seas | Familiar Paths | Five of Ten | For Want | Fractal Irrationality | Good of the Many | Half the Battle | Happily Ever After | Hierarchy of Needs | Holding Patterns | Homecoming | I’d Like to Buy A Vowel | In Dreams of Trees | In Fire and Ice | In Stone | In the Silence | Just One More Step | Like Rain | Little Things | Matronales Feriae | Mistaken Identity | O’er Land and Ocean Without Rest | Of Butterflies and Men | Of Loss and Words | Ones and Zeros | Or Cake | Ovis Away! | Photographs and Kerosene | Promises | Protego | Revenge | Same Song, Second Verse | Scorned And Covered With Scars | Sign Language | So Much for Diplomatic Immunity | Sometimes | Somewhere Ages and Ages Hence | Spark | Summer Nights | Tendency to Swarm | That Long Horizon | The Best of All Possible Worlds | The Covenant | The Death of Time | The First Law | The Next Horizon | They Didn’t Care | Till Morning | Time, Tides, and Man | Tithe | Unbroken | We All Fall Down.

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