My Life, Deconstructed

Behold, my life in maths!

7 Days x 24 Hours = 168 Hours

168 – Sleep (56) – Work (45) – Commute (2.5) = 64.5 Hours

Every week I spend 64.5 hours doing something that isn’t work or sleep related, but most of that something appears to be surfing the internet—even though it’s November and all I should be doing with my spare time is writing.

Ha-ha! … *sigh*

Well, it’s never too late to start up a new habit and with twelve days left I’ve still got a fighting chance to sort things out. Sixty-four and a half hours seems plenty of time to get the day-to-day craziness done as well as work in some solid word-warring NaNo adventures.

Invoking the awesome that is having multiple windows of open at once, I sat down and wrote out a Grand Plan™ (i.e. I broke out my day into 15 minute increments).

Morning Plan

START Alarm clock gets thrown across room
15 Good Morning pet routines
15 Facebook time (treadmill computer)
15 Breaking Fast and Blog maintenance (desktop computer)
15 Equip Pants
15 Good-bye pet routines

Some of these will probably take less than fifteen minutes, but I figure I’ll start out with an easy schedule and work my way up. No point in trying to cram too much into my before work section—I’ve never been much of a morning person and I doubt that is magically going to change on Monday.

But you never know…

Evening Plan

World of Treadcraft!
15 De-workify & Hello Again pet routines
15 Facebook time (treadmill computer)
15 Chores
30 Warcraft time (treadmill computer)
30 Make Dinner & OM NOM NOM & Goof-off
15 Novel Writing
15 Chores
15 Model Horses
15 Chores
15 Novel Writing
15 Chores/Goofing Off
15 Novel Writing
15 Good Night pet routines
15 Evening Routines
END Zzzz…

There are a lot of chores here and a lot of other random stuff, we’ll have to see how well they work out. I may end up bumping some of the blocks up from 15 to 30, but for right now cooking and eating dinner and the treadmill are the only things I can see with a solid need for the longer blocks.

Checking it Twice

Best Laid Plans

I figure every Saturday I’ll stop and review how well things are going. Once November is over, I won’t need to spend quite as much time on novel writing so some of that will probably roll over into blog post or model horses (or WoW).

2012 Business plans are still proceeding apace (ignoring the flagrant lack of updates), but I’m pretty sure I’ll be spending more time developing products than I will minding the stores.

For the moment weekends are fully open to random things happening, but once I get into the rhythm of running my workdays to a schedule I’ll start in on those as well. Since I seem to work best when I don’t have enough time to get distracted, the weekdays seem a safer starting place…

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