LinkLove, NaNoWriMo Edition : Round 2

Ye Olde Link List

Welcome to Round 2 of the NaNoWriMo 2011 inspired LinkLove!

With the advent of NaNoWriMo 2011 my tiny Link Love/Blogroll has grown to epic proportions. Now I’m on a quest to make the list useful as well as epic, hence the Cliff Notes™ version below… For the non-NaNo website I’ll come back and do a full post on why I love them later.

For the NaNo blogs, I’m just grabbing info from the About pages.

WordPress and Coding

This is Paul Menard’s digital home on the web and is an interesting mishmash of useful WordPress posts and personal commentary on whatever happens to catch his attention. I found the blog because I use his Media-Tags plugin and I’ve found both the current posts and the archives to be a big help in getting my website tweaked into something I’m fond of (still working on that).

Digging into WordPress
This blog is by Chris Coyier & Jeff Starr and was apparently built to help build a platform for their book of the same name. As expected the website is all about WordPress and all the various tips and tricks that they two have unearthed whilst digging in the code. I haven’t bought the book yet, the website and its archives have proved to be an entertaining (and useful!) read. At some point I’ll probably shell out the money and pick up the book as well, but for now I’m going to happily nom on the free content… nomnomnom


Camp NaNoWriMo
Camp NaNo is a summer-themed version of the November madness we all know and love! It’s the same 50,000 words in 30 (or 31) days, only this time it falls in the midst of summer break—which in infinitely easier than November for most folks. This new bout of insanity kicked off in the summer of 2011 with the July and August sessions and here’s hoping that we see it again in 2012…

Founded by Brian Clark and written by a host of authors this is one of the ‘Big Name Blogs’ that you’ll find in almost every link list of folks who write for a living. True, the blog is focused more on how to write good copy than good fiction, but there’s no novelist I can think of who’d be better off skipping this one.

Everyone who sells something depends on their voice in the market to find and keep customers; this blog (and its massive archives) are a great resource for learning how to hone that voice. Go forth and read!

Just be prepared to get lost for a few hours, it’s sort of like TV Tropes that way. One. More. Link. … *click*

Model Horses

Don’t Eat the Paint
This is the artist’s blog of Laura Skillern, who writes some really kick-ass tutorials on sculpting and model horse showing. As of this August, she’s lost in the turmoil of graduate school, but she’s definitely worth following and the archives are a real treasure trove. Head on over and check her out!

Blog Azeroth Buddies

Yet another shared topic buddy, although not as active as some of the others. I like swinging by now and then to catch up with the archives, but I don’t read this one as much. There’s raiding posts and some light theorycrafting, but for the most part it’s a more personal commentary blog. It’s always fun to get another POV on the game!

Corath’s Blog
As the name suggests, this is Corath’s ramblings about Azeroth—who is either a Tauren Druid or a Goblin Death Knight depending on their mood. It’s more of a personal commentary blog, which is a nice change from the raiding blogs, but it also tends to go more in depth about the topics than most. I swing by the archives from time to time, but until I find an easy way to tell when folks have posted it’s on my ‘check randomly’ list.

NaNoWriMo 2011

Chaos and the Dark – J.S. Joyner was born and raised in the Dallas area, a well-loved and admittedly spoiled only child of two wonderful parents that hooked him on reading so early that he can’t even remember an age where he wasn’t doing so voraciously. He graduated from North Mesquite High School and was referred to by one English teacher as “a student who didn’t talk very much, but when he did it was worth listening to.”
Charley Hand – So who exactly is Charley Hand? Charley is an unpublished author. In writing circles that’s someone who A) wants to write a book and can’t be bothered, B) has loads of ideas but procrastinates by writing pointless blogs or C) someone who thinks they are a writer but actually, they’re just crap.
Chasing Neptune – The site is called Chasing Neptune, because I am fascinated with astrology. My astrological sign is Pisces, which is ruled by the planet Neptune. Neptune is the planet of inspiration and intuition. Therefore, this blog is a place for me to unload my random musings and make writing a habit: aka a place for me to chase inspiration and follow my creative intuition. This is a place for satire, common sense, ranting, musing, sharing, and creativity. Some posts will take the form of lists, others of poetry, and some in standard paragraphs.
Christina E. Rundle – Christina, A sci-fi/fantasy/romance novelist, her first novelette “Growing Season” will be out this year. When not playing video games or reading comics, she can be found outside enjoying nature.
Crazy Socks and Ninja Bunnies – Gabi, I am a 14 year old who seems to be stuck between two worlds, on more than one level. I do what I can to avoid this becoming a blog filled with my rants, because that would bore people. I occasionally illustrate ideas with MS Paint. I enjoy photography, singing, playing guitar, reading, writing, camping, and many other things.
cresting the words – I started this blog to get some feedback on my writing. I want to build it up to include everything about writing that I find interesting or helpful, with occasional other topics thrown in (music. or maybe music. also, I might write something about music from time to time). I also like to write little atmospheric pictures when I feel like it, and you’ll find them dotted around the posts. Please have patience with me while I build this up – if you have any comments, or feedback, or suggestions, please tell me in the comments!
Curly Mum – I am a stay-at-home mummy to three very curly girls. I’m still in the process of learning how to best take care of their semi-afro hair and skin. I like to wear my youngest two (although not at the same time yet) and obsessively look at new wraps and carriers I can’t afford. I do the same with cloth nappies for my youngest. I like to knit and bake although I’m not very good at either. I also make jewellery occasionally. So I thought I’d blog about it all, and here I am.
Dangerous Dan’s Blog – Dan, I’m a computer programmer who’s relatively gruntled. I write when I get tired of procrastinating and time allows. I’ve completed NaNoWriMo in 2008-2010, as well as Camp NaNoWriMo July 2011. Warning: If I come to your house, I will be rummaging through your books, cds, and medicine cabinet. You’ve been warned. And you won’t catch me in the act. I’m fairly devious.
Duck Writings – I never considered myself to be somewhat of a “renaissance man,” but I prefer not to specialize in any one thing so I can always learn something new about anything. My career is in business IT, but my hobbies include choral singing, bowling, music video editing, playing D&D, walking, and most of all, creative writing.
Eat, Sleep, Write, Repeat – The first, and possibly only thing you need to know? I’m a serial procrastinator. I write. I mean, naturally, I have other interests as well, but I do love writing. So naturally, I’m going to blog about writing; I could blog about singing, or art, or Fallout. However, I’m going to blog about writing because it seems like the only viable thing for me to blog about, and I dedicate an awful lot of time to it. I also feel as though it’s a little easier to blog about writing than it is to blog about, say … sharks. Unless you have a genuine interest in sharks, I suppose.
Espeanage – Espea, I’m a college student who has no idea what to do with her life yet.
fantasyfreakazoid – My name is FantasyFreakazoid, and this will be the third year I’ve participated in NaNoWriMo. I have yet to finish a novel with my first novel, A Cup Of Tea ending at 15000 words, and last years novel Fall Of A Tyrant King ending at 26,000 words. I feel like this year is going to be different!!
Fiction writer’s tips – I’m a 24-year-old man, beaten down a bit by the economy, and using writing as a way to pass the time while waiting for things to pick up (not that traditional work has ever made sense for me) . I’ve always enjoyed writing and, in middle and high school, english class was the highlight of my day, so writing seemed like a natural thing for me to do. I love to be part of an active, thriving internet community, which I hope to turn this into, someday.
God of Ephemera – God of Ephemera, also known by such secret identities as bobo_the_bard and Agent Double Oh Zero (and sometimes Who Ate The Last Oreo!?), is an aspiring writer.
heiding away – I’m told I’m awesome. By my mum. Sometimes. Writer, photographer, IB sufferer, huge Vancouver Canucks fan. Seriously, I’m enormous. I’m compulsive, weird, have the worst timing known to man. I’m occasionally known to be funny, but those most are rare – cherish them. I’m outgoing and on occasion (over)confidant. I’m chill, sometimes to the point where I seem like I don’t care. I’m friendly, I talk and listen to everyone. I’m well spoken, just not while I’m with my friends. I’m terrible at French, (more than) decent at English. My Mandarin is fluent enough that I can have a conversation, but it’s still nothing to brag about. In conclusion, your honour, I’m awesome. QED.
Hidden Potential – A fun loving, homeschooled SDA teen, looking for the hidden potential in everyone she meets.

Martha Bechtel

My name is Martha Bechtel and I write fantasy and science fiction stories, paint small model horses silly colors, cast resin and plaster magnets, code random code (and Wordpress plugins)... Come on in and join in the fun!

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