In Dreams of Trees : John and Red [WORLDBUILDING]

Wordcount: 257
Rating/Warnings: PG
Summary: Wordwar, Worldbuilding.

NOTE: This is a very rough draft with no editing at all (per National Novel Wiriting Month rules) and is presented for amusement value only. Think of it as a periscope into my writing process rather than a coherent story!

There will most likely be spelling and grammatical errors afoot as well as flat out bad writing, info dumps, plot holes, contradictions/retcons, uneven characterization and pacing. These snippits are also posted out of order, so please refer to the Outline to figure out where it’s supposed to fit.



John and Red are best friends, for the most part. In some world somewhere I’m sure that there is J/R slash, but that’s not the point here. They are both broken in their own ways and they are dependent on the other to keep them stable. In the Endless City John’s loyalty was too strong and he wasn’t able to steer Red away from the faults in the in programming. He depended on Red to be able to fix any problem and when that failed, he just believed harder.

In the City of Trees world John managed to stop the project and get the flaw fixed, but this caused a large fight between Red and John to the point where Red refused to talk to him anymore and ended up leaving into one of the first doors that opened. John became one with the city, partially because his sense of self sacrifice gets the best of him when Red’s not there to pound some selfishness into his head.

In Blue’s world, he never met John, but he has a similar relationship with Horn. It’s not the same though and John is still overly prone to throwing himself on grenades.

John is a loaner, in most worlds, and Red has Maddy or someone similar to Maddy in most of them. He’s a very attracting personality, even if he’s a bit abrasive. Red is loyal, just like John, to a fault sometimes when it keeps him from realizing other people’s motivations. Or his own, in the case of Atlantis.

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