Dual-boxing Priests : Levels 13 to 14

Not My Best Idea
Not My Best Idea

And lo, the Perishing part of Perish Twice is now in full effect again. *sighs*

Ah well, I suppose my carefree days of gallivanting around and attacking everything that moves had to come to an end at some point. Nothing like wading into a fight with something eight levels higher to snap me out of my facerolling rut.

Sadly, I tried twice more before I gave up—just to see if it was possible to even hit the #@$! thing. (Note: it was not.)

Current Keybinds

There’s been no change to these since Level 10. Which is sort of sad, but it’s my own fault– I’m being overly picky about what I macro in since treadmill button mashing is harder than it looks.

~m:Share Target
1m:KillItm: KillIt
2Shadow Word: PainShadow Word: Pain
7m:Heal Mem:Heal Them
8m:Heal Themm:Heal Me
0m:Follow The Leader
=Inner FireInner Fire
ALT and ~RenewPower World: Shield

Level 13

Abilities: No change

Talent Point: Now that Improved Shadow Word: Pain is maxed out, it’s time to start putting points into Darkness. Huzzah for haste! (Sorta)

Macros/ Keybinds: No change.

Basic Strategy: No change… well, okay, I’m paying more attention to the levels of the mobs and what color the quests are that I pick up. *wince* A haste boost of 1% is useless right now, but it’s better than buffing abilities that a) I don’t have yet and b) won’t use when I do.

Level 14

Abilities: Resurrection (60% of base mana, 30 yd range, 10 sec cast, Brings a dead ally back to life with 35% health and mana. Cannot be cast when in combat.), Power Word: Fortitude (22% of base mana, 40 yd range, Instant, Power infuses all party and raid members, increasing their Stamina for 1 hour. If the target is in your party or raid, all party and raid members will be affected.)

Darn you Resurrection, where were you when I needed you! Achem, yes. That one goes into the ‘not keybound’ action bar where I can get to it if needed. I have plenty of time to click things when I’m dead. Power Word: Fortitude gets more love, although it dosen’t stack, which leads to…

Macros/Keybinds: It was at this point when I sat down and ripped out all of the keybindings and macros that I’d built so far. I was still spending too much time looking at my keys and I can’t walk and WoW while staring at the floor. I’ve also moved the power bars around, added Power Auras back into the mix and yanked out a couple of old Addons.

So, yeah, that’s going to be it’s own post– which should be up tomorrow.

Basic Strategy: While the two new abilities are awesomesauce, they don’t really affect my play-style. What has changed it is the fact I’m starting to run into mobs that come in twos (or threes if I’m very unlucky).

Oddly I’ve found it helps that Illysa drops target when she stops to heal Illysu, something that was annoying me earlier. That break in dps gives me a moment to make sure Ye Olde Damage sponge is topping the threat meters.

It’s much easier to keep once of them soaking in green goodness than it is to keep both of them healthy, but I think I may need to tweak some of the macros so that Illysa can go into Pocket Healer mode as needed. *pokes toon*

That said, I’ve also hit a few times when I didn’t realize that Illysa was getting hammered on—so it’s time to break out the Power Auras! (Post to follow)

Is Too Much, I Sum-up

Reading Comprehension Failure
Reading Comprehension Failure

Things kicked up a notch after leaving the starting area. Now I’m working on mastering the multiple mob situations which makes things a little more interesting.

I’m still a tad overconfident, as you can see by the screenshot– I’ve forgotten to check the mob’s level before wading in and tried to take down a Level 21 group quest boss at level 13. *sighs*

So it’s time to rethink the UI again, maybe I should turn Tidy Plates and Power Auras back on again. *ponders*

Ah well, onwards!

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