Saturday Story Prompts [2011.10.29]

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1. He hasn’t gotten used to the loss of his wings, so many habits are still ingrained beyond conscious thought, but pain’s a swift teacher and he’s learning not to jump.

2. They’ve dressed for the weather, but the storm is still unnerving. Rain comes down as fine mist, blown into kaleidoscopic eddies by the winds and casting rainbows everywhere they look.

3. “If I wanted your opinion, I would have given it to you,” she snapped.

“I’m a learning AI,” the computer objected, “you can’t help but give them to me.” It paused. “And it’s still a stupid idea.”

4. Soft whispers of sound are all she leaves behind, even in the still of the evening mists. It’s the third night, the last chance for them to break the spells, and she has won her freedom– almost.

A figure stands beside her boat, blocking the way.

“Seriously Mom? WTF?”

5. Getting dressed used to be easy, but the new holographic avatars have an infinite wardrobe to choose from… one that’s constantly updated. She flipped through the Recent Uploads from her favorite designers and muttered unkind things about the inventor of virtual soirees.


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It's the third night, the last chance for them to break the spells, and she has won her freedom-- almost. Saturday Story Prompt. October 29, 2011
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