Saturday Story Prompts [2011.09.17]

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1. There was no magic now, but– Archeologists theorized it from ancient architecture and ruined cities, but paleontologists confirmed it: Man can build pyramids, but they can’t make whales fly.

2. Being immortal is only fun for the first two lifetimes.

3. The best kind of stories are the ones with happy endings, where everything’s resolved and everyone’s future is bright– because life is never like that. In the real world, you end up with people who are just happy to get back to their old ruts and villains whose story doesn’t end with jail.

4. Only three heartbeats mark the line between falling and flying, but she holds her breath each time waiting for the winds to catch.

5. Losing power makes the world smaller, but we’ve been this way before and the whole ‘wheels & horses’ lesson is easier to learn the second time.


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Being immortal is only fun for the first two lifetimes. Saturday Story Prompt. September 17, 2011
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