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For No Good Reason Muse

So it’s a given that I’m going to write Yet Another Fantasy Novel™ for NaNoWriMo 2011, but there are a whole host of subgenres (including Science Fantasy) that I can play in.

Based on the idea of ‘write what you read’ I made a list of everything I’m reading and watching right now (see way down at the bottom of the post)– and there’s actually not a lot in common in the throngs.

None of the individual settings or genres are really Muse-catching right now, so I’m tempted to squash them together in an urban fantasy crime procedural with heavy science fiction and fairy tale elements set in some sort of frontier.

With singing.

And possibly voting people off the island.

Did I mention that most of the things I like have nothing in common?

Urban Fantasy Crime Procedural – in Spaaaace!

Ye Olde KickAss Muse

(For values of Fairy Tale Science Fiction that I will try and work a murder into…)

So, rough idea, the group of protagonists find a tree with a city tucked away inside (see: the ‘larger on the inside’ shtick from the TARDIS). But the city is dying and it needs their help.

Science Fiction-y Bits: The tree exists in multiple dimensions simultaneously and at varying positions in each timeline. The tree city acts as an anchor to keep the various dimensions from collapsing into a single reality and is a man-made (sort of) sentient object.

Each protagonist was selectively called by the tree, with the exception of a few tagalong friends that the damaged repelling technology was unable to discourage.

Silly Muse

Not all protagonists enter the city at the same place or the same time, which leads to multiple POVs or gradual introduction during story progression.

Protagonists come from a variety of worlds (and genres), but all of the worlds share a certain degree of similarity. It’s like someone got carried away making What-if comicbooks…

Enter the Bad Guys: There is a group of antagonists working to destroy the tree and collapse the timelines. They believe they are from the original dimension that was destroyed when the tree was created. I’m not sure if this is true– and sometimes neither are they.

Evil Muse

Now I just need a murder…. hmm. Well, they haven’t murdered the Tree yet, but they have murdered the previous caretakers/crew.

*pokes idea* This might work, but I’ll have to feel about a bit for the tone– I’d rather have a few laughs than a while month of Protagonists Being Serious™.

List o’ Shiny!

This list includes things I have read or watched recently or am currently following. They are listed in no particular order, just for amusements sake.

Seanan McGuire’s October Daye Books, Glee, Kekkaishi, Random Science Fiction short story collections, The Biggest Loser, Stargate Atlantis fan fiction, Bones, Community, Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan, Castle, Mercedes Thompson books by Patricia Briggs, Terra Nova, Jim Hines’s Princess Books, Alphas, Happy Endings, Kitchen Nightmares, LiveJournal Friendslists, Blue Exorcist… and more that I’m not remembering off the top of my head (sorry).

Martha Bechtel

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