Meadowlands Lafayette

Meadowlands Lafayette

Make: Breyer
Scale: Stablemate
Mold: Saddlebred (G2)
Color: Rose Gray (Bay going Gray)
Gallery: Dilutes
Medium: Acrylics, Prismacolor Pencils
Status: Painted 200? and Sold 200?

This little gal is an example of why I offer full refunds on custom orders—I’m never quite sure what I can pull off and what’s outside of my range. In this case dapple gray was a step too far, but the person who ordered her kept her anyways. (Brave soul!)

Meadowlands Lafayette

To be fair, she isn’t horrible for a ten dollar horse, she just isn’t as good as I would have liked her to be.

I started out with a base coat of acrylics in bay, making sure the undercoat had the shadings that I would have put on a normal bay custom. Then I broke out the Prismacolor pencils and did my best to gray her out.

Meadowlands Lafayette

While the star dapples aren’t the most realistic, in terms of shape or placement, I think I got the overall graying pattern down. From what I remember I was working off reference photos, but I didn’t have enough backup on hand to get a good grip on how to do the dappling.

This was one of the reasons I ended up buying Carol Williams’ COLOR FORMULAS & TECHNIQUES For the Model Horse Artist book/binder—which I then lent to a friend and forgot to get back again (arg). That book really needs to come back into print!

Meadowlands Lafayette
Meadowlands Lafayette

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