LinkLove : zenhabits (or: Zen Habits)

“Zen Habits is about finding simplicity in the daily chaos of our lives. It’s about clearing the clutter so we can focus on what’s important, create something amazing, find happiness.”

Zen Habits is written by Leo Babauta. The blog is irregularly updated and the first post was made on January 9th 2006, if the archives are being truthful.

I started reading Zen Habits (or zenhabits) a few years ago and have been wandering by every since. Leo posts rather sporadically, and always has, so I tended to read his posts in clumps rather than the order they are posted.

My reading habits have changed somewhat, since Zen Habits is now included in the feed over at The Daily Brainstorm, so I’ve come to rely on their Facebook posts to let me know when there’s something new.

Thankfully the archives are very easy to navigate; in fact the whole site is easy to navigate. Leo uses a very minimalistic theme that is not only beautiful, but free thanks to his uncopyright philosophy. Back when I was running Unquiet Bones on its own blog I leaned towards a similar look.

I’ve linked to his posts before (like when I tried becoming an early riser or conquering my to-do lists), but for the most part I’ve just been absorbing rather than responding. This LinkLove was inspired by his most recent post Toss Productivity Out.

The post is a wonderful example of how Leo’s blog has evolved over time. People change as they age, and their opinions and habits change with them. It has been fun watching him move from the more energetic blogger he began as to the more laid back, relaxed blogger he now seems to be.

While I don’t always agree with him (see points 2 and 7, and maybe 6), but I’ve found that his ‘voice’ is excellent for getting me to step back and take a look at what I’m doing and why. I think points 3 (Set a Lot of Goals) and 4 (Track Everything) are things I might need to sit down and ponder later.

Maybe National Novel Wiriting Month would be easier if I didn’t worry about the wordcount… Would I still win? I’m not sure, but maybe it’s worth a try to look past the daily goals and tracking and keep my eyes focused on ending with a finished story instead.

But that’s why I love Zen Habits and Leo’s writing, it gives me a chance to stop and reflect– something I don’t always realize I’m skipping.

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