Chess vs. Slapjack (a leveling conundrum)

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I’ve been leveling the Priests (Illysu and Illysa) at a glacial pace recently and it occurred to me whilst writing up the next leveling post that I may be overthinking things.

As was touched on in the last Blog Azeroth Shared Topic, leveling has gotten just a tad easier lately.

Where Tad = Extremely and Lately = since Cataclysm.

Right now, I’m stopping every time I hit a new ability or spell in order to research it and then integrate it into my macros and keybindings. In contrast, when I’m leveling a normal alt, I just faceroll my way through the process, stopping only when I start having problems—and I’m wondering if I shouldn’t lean more in that direction with my pairs.

I’m a much more effective player if I pause to research every time I hit a new spell or ability, but when I’m hitting a new level every half-an-hour even at uber-slow speed… it might be worth it to just optimize at the end of each session instead.

I’ll be killing things less efficiently, but I’m not sure that matters. After all, I’m not inflicting myself on PUGs or BGs, so in theory the worst that could happen was that I get myself (selves?) killed more often.

Plus, if I’m really going to get my ‘Warcraft = Gym Membership’ theme going, that means I’ll be playing a lot more often and not as inclined to hop off the treadmill to do research.

I’m still on the fence about it, after all a good portion of the appeal with dual-boxing is the challenge of finding ways to overcome the limitations of one player behind two charactors.

Something to think about whilst wandering Azeroth this week…

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