By Your Hobbies Combined— (Part 3)

Epoxy Stage 2

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And lo, the resculpting was finally done!

Sadly, there isn’t as much of a visual change between Stage 2 and Stage 3 as there was with the earlier steps. You’ll just have to imagine it was more dramatic than it looks. (Epoxy! X-acto blades!! MADNESS!!!)

He’ll look better once he has some color, so here’s the last time you’ll see him in white and brown…

Stage 3 - Head Left

The session started off badly, as I promptly broke off one of his forelocks—but thankfully things went uphill from there.

As you can see it reattached without problems and I got a chance to refine the ears a little more. I’m thinking there will still be tweaking left to do, but I need the primer coat to show me how bad (or good) they really look.

As you can see from the detail, I went back and added to the mane on both sides. While I was going for an overall blended look, I did pull out parts so that the three rows were noticeable if you were looking for them.

Stage 3 - Head Right

It made the mane a little wilder, added some bulk, and did a good job of covering up the breast straps in a natural looking way. I still wish I’d done that before I built the mane, but such are learning curves.

I decided against the foreleg arm bands simply because the little guy is going to be busy enough as it is. I may add them in on customs down the road, but for now they are off the table.

I leveled out the breastplate a little, but I’m still pondering what I want to do with the center. Hmm…

I added a top shot of the mane so you can see the bulk and the rows. It will be less noticeable once everything is shaded yellow tones, but I’m all for an in-joke of two.

And now for the closing shot… he’s really starting to come together, can’t wait to see him in color!

Epoxy Stage 3

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