Blue Moon Rising (Custom Breyer Stablemate Saddlebred)

Blue Moon Rising - Custom Breyer Stablemate Saddlebred - Right
Blue Moon Rising

If I can paint a blue-bay, why not a blue-chestnut? The shading is the same, it’s just the hue that’s a bit off…

This little gal is a basic blue shaded with phthalocyanine for a nice rich ultramarine. Following the flaxen chestnut pattern her points are lighter and her mane and tail are near-white. She’s got realistic eyes and hooves and even though she’s an earlier custom I’m rather pleased with the hoof color.

Blue Moon Rising - Custom Breyer Stablemate Saddlebred - Left
Blue Moon Rising

I was tempted to shade the mane and tail with blue instead of yellow, but I’m glad I didn’t. As you can see with Night Music, the blue shading just doesn’t come across as well.

I was playing around a bit with the mold at this point (painting multiple Saddlebreds does get boring after a while) so she’s a very minor resculpt.

Very minor– all I did was take off her ribbons and add a forelock. It’s not enough on a realistic horse to turn her into a different breed (the high tailset is a Saddlebred-centric thing) but on a fantasy horse it does help her stand out from the crowd.

Not much to say beyond that, she’s now owned by RayovLight Creations, who has a whole herd of my custom Saddlebreds hanging out on her shelves. Nothing like finding folks who think the crazy colors are just as nifty as I do! *grin*

Medium: Acrylics, Liquitex Phthalocyanine Blue
Status: Painted 200? and Sold 200?

Martha Bechtel

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