Saturday Story Prompts [2011.08.27]

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1. Cartoons had it all backward: half of the battle was not knowing, because once you knew you certainly weren’t going to keep fighting!

2. “There are no sunrises here, no sunsets,” she looked up from the luggage and gave him a measuring look. “You don’t notice it at first, but it’s an annoying itch that chews at the back of your lizard-brain—you’ll know something’s wrong, but you won’t know what. Makes everyone a little nuts after a while.”

“But you just told me what’s wrong,” he pointed out.

“What makes you think that’ll make a difference?”

3. Cavalry was never quiet, even when you mounted it on cats.

4. Work was work and after the excitement wore off, they were pushing the same paper across the same desks—they were just doing it on another planet.

5. “Almost time to leave.” He watched the clock with the same slow pessimism he’d applied to everything else, and she was a heartbeat away from reducing things to a three-way split.


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Almost time to leave. Saturday Story Prompt. August 27, 2011
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