Saturday Story Prompts [2011.08.06]

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1. The amulet was simple wood, inlaid with river stones no larger than seeds. She held it up to the light and watched the memory of water ripple over their surfaces.

2. Mists rose around the berobed figure as she moved her hands over the face of the water. “Whatever will be,” there was a dramatic pause, “will be–“

“The future’s not ours to see,” Nancy intoned back, in a somber sing-song. “Que sera, sera.”

The Oracle glared, the courtiers gasped, and the newly-crowned Queen of Altevia sighed at her best friend. “Please don’t sing at the Oracle.”

“She started it.”

3. No one underestimated the aliens, they just failed to estimate just how much damage we’d do to ourselves.

4. Built by the People of Long Ago, the dolphins were never quite sure what to make of Atlantis.

5. Regret is more powerful than forgiveness.


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The amulet was simple wood, inlaid with river stones no larger than seeds. Saturday Story Prompt. August 6, 2011
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