Rebirth of the Writing Desk

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There’s a desk in here somewhere…

I’ve found, after a half-dozen attempts, that writing while on the treadmill computer is good for short ideas and very bad for longer prose work. When I get wrapped up writing a story I apparently forget how to walk— which isn’t good for me, the story, or the treadmill.

So after five minutes of frenzied cleaning I once again have my writing desk! (And no, there are no before pictures, I’ll keep what’s left of my dignity, thanks.)

On the desk is Sven the Laptop, since Raven the Netbook has turned out to be a bit of a wrist strain when writing for long periods of time. Raven is still great for write-ins and more portable situations, but Sven has a full-sized keyboard and unlike Holly the Desktop, no treadmill.

So, I have a desk, I have a computer, now I need a project!

Which means it’s time to return to the ‘verse of Silverwitch and The Wolves We Are and get these stories back on track.

Silverwitch was meant to be an open ended story that followed Zee and Mira as they worked to untangle the Silverwitch’s curse. It’s stopped not because I hit a wall, but because other things in life were more shiny—should be an easy one to pick up again.

The Wolves We Are was meant to be an episodic story that started off the adventures of Meg and the dumppack. It has a plot, and outline, and is currently stalled dead in the water. This is the hard one to jumpstart, but it’s the more important once since it’s also a test of the episodic formatting.

So the task for tomorrow is to simply gather all the materials for both stories together and get them printed out and in binders. There’s something about having a story in-hand that helps me work through some of the plot problems.

Soon after there will be index cards, colored markers, and a post on how not to write short stories…

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