Poco Sole (Custom Breyer Stablemate Lying Foal)

This little gal’s name means ‘Little Sun’ in Italian (at least per Bablefish) and was named to thematically match her mother Dell’ Arcobaleno (Of the Rainbow). She was painted and sold as a pair with Dell, although her paint pattern is a little more realistic then her mom’s.

Poco’s paint job is a little rough– she was one of the first few customs I painted, but I think she’s held up well to the test of time. Of course I’m biased, but I think most artists tend to wear rose-tinted glasses three feet thick, no?

From what I remember, this is the only lying foal I painted back in the day. Since Breyer lost the rights to the mold, it will probably be the only one I do paint, which is sort of a shame. While it does lack some definition (a common flaw on the old H-R mold copies), with a little tweaking I think it could have been a decent photo show contender.

Ah well, suppose I can always hunt one down on eBay if the Muse strikes…

Medium: Acrylics
Status: Painted 200? and Sold 200?

Martha Bechtel

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