Hoarders : The Azeroth Addition

Bank + Bags = OMG
Bank + Bags = OMG

Once again it’s time for a Blog Azeroth Shared Topic!

Bags and Bank Capacity (August 8-14) is a topic near and dear to my heart, no matter how many characters I’m playing at once.

Amerence from Amerence Love Wow brings us the following question:

Would it be worth a try to suggest to Blizzard to extend the capacity of our Bag and Bank item slots? Or do you think the cost of just tailored Bags (22-30slots) will do the work? Or is it just not worth the time to even be mentioning these nonsense about the Bag and Bank items capacity?

There are few things I’d spend real world money for in-game (Sparkle Ponies aside) and more bag space is one of them!

To Be or Not To Be

Amerence notes that there are three choices with every item you pick up in WoW : Destroy, Disenchant, Sell. Keep is obviously also a choice, but when bag and bank space run out, you’re down to those first three.

Most of the time it’s a pretty easy choice, at least logically. If the disenchanting mats are worth more than the sales price: disenchant. If the vendor price is worth more than the mats: vendor. If the vendor price of a new drop it worth more than something already in your bags: drop/destroy the old item.

But life is never that easy!

Pixelated Memories

Pet Rocks, No More
Pet Rocks, No More

I’m a teeny tiny bit of a WoW hoarder (read as: Full-blown), since once you get rid of some items you can never get them again on that character. Ever.

And now, thanks to Cataclysm, you can’t even get them again on an alt.

That’s a terrifying thought, at least for me.

Other players in the shared topic game didn’t find it as hard to clean house. Dragonray over at Azerothian Life is better at decluttering that I am (or probably will ever be). In their response to the topic, they mentioned tossing MC gear and have embraced the idea of a clean and simple bank.

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Pixels

Oathblade from Info about WoW from the Altaholic focused more on the actual hoarding aspect in their post. They had a wonderful idea of screencapping the items, something Dragonray also mentioned– which I had never thought of!

There are some things I’m keeping, not because I will use them again, but because looking at them brings back memories. If I can copy those visual triggers out of the game, then there’s no point at keeping them in-game.

I feel sort of silly, not to have thought of that before.

If I Could, I Would

But I don’t want to screencap… I want more bag space.

Specifically, I want more bag space for soulbound items. The other things I can pass to alts or store in guild banks (I already have one vanity guild and am looking into starting another). In theory I could have a vanity guild for ever toon on a server… and that’s a lot of space.

Soulbound items, on the other hand, have a hard limit based on how many slots and how many bags a toon can have. Hitting that max takes a lot of effort, but effort is something anyone can achieve.

I don’t mind grinding for mats or gold in order to deck out bank tabs or bag slots. Like Eccentrica over at Eccentrica Jones, I swoon at the cost of maxing out those slots…. and have embraced the joys of having a tailoring alt/main. Farming ho!

My Kingdom for a Wardrobe!

Erinys over at The Harpy’s Nest has a great idea about WoW Wardrobes for storage that I think would be great (the Terry Pratchett’s Luggage concept is hysterical) and makes a good point that we really shouldn’t be lugging around bags filled with clothing and random animal parts.

I would love to be able to keep all the random things I’ve found that serve no real purpose. The RP outfits (for fun, since I’m not on an RP server), the grey items with silly sayings, the holiday outfits that serve no purpose other than to make me smile. The bad gear that’s completely level inappropriate, but brings back fond memories…

Thankfully I’m not alone in the holiday gear addiction, Aleria over at the violet scribe shares my love of older/’useless’ gear (you can never have too many once-a-year outfits!).

Take My Money, Please!

So yes, I think it’s worth asking Blizzard for more bag and bank space… but I think we’d do better if we ask for things that won’t be abused.

If the space was limited only to soulbound items, the auction power sellers couldn’t abuse them. The ability to have multiple sets of gear might also be seen as being OP, but having extra RP sets or older gear wouldn’t overpower players– so maybe they could limit it to items 10 levels or more below current character level.

If it cost gold, I’d be ecstatic, but I’d also be willing to shell out real world money for the perks of more space. Now to convince Blizzard to take my cash…

Martha Bechtel

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