Trash Tuesday, Saturday Dump Days, and other Relics of Adulthood

No clue what this is from? Then CLICKY!

It’s July 1st.
Camp NaNoWriMo is here.
Time to be an adult.

And yes, linking to that will NEVER GET OLD.

Ten years from now I’ll be going to the bank, buying groceries, and cleaning all the things, and I will remember that post– and laugh my tush off.

At least assuming the world doesn’t end in 2012. (It’s a pretty safe assumption, somewhere along the lines of ‘gravity isn’t a fad’ and ‘you can’t pay your bills with monopoly money.’)

So, yes, Being An Adult™: the NaNo edition.

I love National Novel Wiriting Month events, I do, but I still have to do laundry, and pill the dogs, and do battle with the dust bunnies. Trash Day waits for no man (or woman) and this time around it may be harder to find a way to mitigate the NaNo tunnel vision than it is to make the word count.

So I’m turning to the timer to save me… hopefully its batteries will hold up!

The grand plan is 15 minutes of writing, 30 minutes of Doing Useful Things™, fifteen minutes of pure goofing off, 30 minutes of Doing Useful Things™, and then the loop starts again.

I figure at 1.5 hours a loop, I can do two loops a night and still have time for extraneous goofing off (aka Hulu). That should a) keep me from burning myself out writing in the first week of Camp and b) keep me from burning myself out trying to clean all the things.

If I fall short of daily word count goals, I have the weekends (and write-ins!) to make things up. If I fall short of the cleaning goals—well, that’ll be life as normal, but hopefully I won’t feel as guilty about it.

Martha Bechtel

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