That Don’t Impress Me Much : Part 86

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Wordcount: 270 words
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Summary: The politics of Happily Ever After.

NOTE: This is the first draft of a story, so it will most likely contain plot holes, retcons, and other inconsistencies. I’ll come back and fix things once the story (or arc) is complete!

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The Aftermath of the War

They did not end up all staying in the fox kingdom, of course. Both wolf and lion took their share of the remaining army. They spread the numbers thin, no more than a handful to a town or city and fostered them far enough away from each other to do no harm.

The foxhawks and the foxknights, on the other hand, came straight back to the capital at Manor’s Field. The whole warren came up to greet them, briskly ignoring May and Baron until the invading army was offended enough to call them on it.

Omen was nowhere to be found, having taken off to hiding or speaking with the elders. May did not miss him much, his attitude had changed so much in the three years she’d known him that she was starting to like him less and less.

Baron was just as happy to be out of the high-level negotiations, it was wearing on him trying to lead foxhawks much older than he was. It had been a bit of a shock to find out how old the pairs were, there was no maximum service length and several pairs were old enough to be elders.

Baron had talked to the silver foxhawks at length, but their magic was their own, no humans were involved. The fact that May had been central to their own magic was what had branded them deviant and dangerous. Baron did not bring up the fact that the golden had been behind it, nor that he and May had managed small magic on their own.

Better to keep secrets while they still could.


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