That Don’t Impress Me Much : Part 57

Wordcount: 349 words
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Summary: Please note, this is currently a very rough draft. There will be spelling and grammatical errors afoot as well as flat out bad writing, info dumps, plot holes, flat out contradictions, and uneven characterization and pacing. (Content is also subject to constant change as I take an editing chainsaw to the story.)

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On The Road to Nowhere

“Tell me why this was a good idea again?” May asked as she finished tightening the harness on Baron.

“It was Dog’s idea.” Baron pointed out.

They’d come close enough to the town that they figured it was time to add the extra set of eyes. From here they should be able to see the town in the distance, and if there was anything dangerous awaiting the walkers.

“I am going to limp.” Winter pointed out helpfully.

“No you’re not,” objected Erwin, “if you limp they’re going to try and help you and when they find out you were lying we’ll get in trouble.”

“Oh.” Winter lost some of his enthusiasm. “So what am I doing?”

“Walking.” Erwin said, for the hundredth time.

“I am tired of walking.” Tom complained, trying to shift his weight from foot to foot to relieve the pain. “I am tired of walking and being hungry and being wet. I really really hope we can just surrender and get on with things.”

“You are not the only one.” Erwin agreed.

“See you in a bit.” May slipped on to Baron’s back, hooking her feet and hands through the loops. “Let’s hope we’re all wrong and Tansi is just being vindictive.”

“Right, see you soon.” Erwin and Tom waved up at them as Baron reared back on his haunches and leapt into the air with a fluffy of wing beats.

Baron was tired, and wet, and grumpy, and achy, and all he wanted was to find someplace soft to sleep and something to eat. Preferably something bigger than a rabbit.

May skritched his shoulder with her free fingers, and tried to settle her stomach in. Once they were up in the air and gliding, things were not as bad. But that first flurry of wing beats into the air always threw her insides for a loop.

The two pairs on the ground started forward again, once May was high enough up to keep an eye out. It was still going to be a while to get to town and everyone was counting down the footsteps.


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