That Don’t Impress Me Much : Part 41

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Wordcount: 668 words
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Summary: A hurricane hits the town and May and Baron (and their team) struggle to survive.

NOTE: This is the first draft of a story, so it will most likely contain plot holes, retcons, and other inconsistencies. I’ll come back and fix things once the story (or arc) is complete!

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Death From Above!

It’s a normal afternoon, when a storm rolls in from nowhere. it’s big and massive the thunderheads forming a black rolling beachhead as they move across the sky. Everyone runs for cover as the winds pick up.

This is a storm that is stronger and stranger than anything they have seen or that anyone can remember. The foxhawks all come up and out of the warrens as they are starting to flood, the drainage that is built into them is overloaded by the downpour.

it’s raining torrentially and there’s hail and very very heavy winds, and then there’s a horrible cracking and splintering sound as the winds bite into the outer edge of the forest, twisting trees from the ground and ripping the forest apparent.

There is lots and lots of panic, no one knows what it going on or what to do. The winds are too high for the foxhawks to get into the air, although one tries and is slammed back into the trees. As the stronger winds get closer the scouts who are sent out to see what is happening come running back and telling everyone to run. The forest is being uprooted and destroyed, almost nothing is left standing.

The storms moves quickly and folks are just dropping everything where it’s and running toward the east. The older foxhawks are carrying the hatchlings and leaving the riders and humans behind as they head out.

Baron stays because he’s too stubborn to leave, and convinces Dog and Winter to stay as well. Softpaw panics and is gone. Minder tries to get them to leave but they will not and he curses Baron as he leaves. The foxhawks are gone, but the kids are running as fast as they can and the villages are behind them, some trying to bring stuff with them.

it’s raining and they can’t see in front of them more than a foxhawk length and it’s muddy and the hail is large and painful, but there’s the sound of death behind them and they keep going. Claire is in shock that softpaw left and it takes baron and winter to snap her out of it, and Winter is looking at Baron in a whole new light at this point.

Dog is sharp and sarcastic and keeps them going and Baron is thinking they are all going to die, but he’s clinging to fact that he can’t see the next branches and that maybe that means they make it. Because they die in a lot of the futures, and he does not want to trade and of them for the chance to make it himself.

The storm catches up with them, because they can’t move fast enough and there’s the feeling of oh well, we tried and at least we’ll all die together– and then the golden hatchling shows up.

The hatchling it hurt and furious and Baron and the other foxhawks get their control ripped away as it grabs their minds, yanks them into a gestalt and creates a dome of protection around them like a crazy force field and that is zomg time to flail because there’s NO magic in this world in the first place in the second place the mind of the golden feels NOTHING like a foxhawk or a human and Baron gets very flaily remembering what Minder said about them actually being trees and not foxhawks and the golden looks at him, not that he can move and says stop fighting me or we all die

And Baron stops and he’s flat out terrified and the other foxhawks have not noticed but then he notices that May notices and that she’s the only human who is still awake and she’s as frozen as the rest of them and he realizes that the golden is using her as a conduit for the power the foxhawks are pulling in and suddenly all the futures where she dies make a LOT more sense.

And her future tree is blank again.


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