Saturday Story Prompts [2011.07.23]

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1. For a few desperate heartbeats, canvas and rope were the only things holding them aloft. Then with a coughing roar, the engine finally caught fire and flung them forward into the winds.

2. Magic is only as powerful as the people who wield it and nothing stops a cat for long.

3. It’s the basic concepts, the ones they thought would be the easiest, that the translators stumble over. Eating is breathing and hunger is sunset– they’ve got so little common ground that neither side can find the words that fit.

4. Paying someone to kill you is a lot easier said than done and Tal was getting tired of trying. The only time he’d managed to find someone to pull the trigger the man had missed his heart, then fled before firing a second shot.

5. No one goes out in the afternoon, at least not if they can help it. There are no trees here, the sparse vegetation come up just above her knees and trends more toward cacti then bush.


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For a few desperate heartbeats, canvas and rope were the only things holding them aloft. Saturday Story Prompt. July 23, 2011
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