Leveling Fitness (or: Warcraft + Treadmills = OP?)

Azeroth Walkabouts
Azeroth Walkabouts

It’s been a few weeks since I got my treadmill desktop up and running. Now that I’ve logged some hours I can successfully walk and type at the same time– but can I walk and WoW? Time to sit down—err, stand up and work things out.

I’m hardly the first person to try and combine World of Warcraft to some sort of physical activity. Saitenyo plays from a exercise bike, George Titswoth does a whole host of small things, Alastriona and Liala both amble through Azeroth on a treadmill.

I am, however, probably the only dual-boxer and the only one who is planning theorycrafting on calorie burn vs. dps. (And probably the only one who is going to be having Master of Arms flashbacks *shudder*)

Going For A Stroll

I’m still working on my hand-eye-foot coordination, so best to keep things simple to start. My learning curves tend to turn into learning cliff faces as I’m sure you noticed.

Right now the ‘easiest’ pair I have is Illysu and Illysa, the Blood Elf priests. They are low enough level that dying won’t be too much of a monetary strain and they have some nice healing abilities so they can soak a little more ‘whoops!’ than most of my pairs.

Although the druid’s Shadowmeld solves many ills, I’m not up to trying melee just yet.

Tweaking the Engines

The monitor is a little further away now and I can’t spend as much time looking at my keys (unless I want to trip) so I’m planning on revamping the UI as well as the keybindings. Minimalism + WoW should be an interesting combination.

I have a rough idea of how I want things to look (and play), but since plans and reality rarely agree I figure for the first play session I’ll hash things out as I go. Thus there will be a follow-up post come Tuesday with all the wondrous brick walls I mange to hit, trip over, and otherwise demolish along the way.

To the hills!

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