Gold Standard (Custom Breyer Stablemate Paso Fino)

Gold Standard - Custom Breyer Stablemate G2 Paso Fino - Left

I love tiger stripes on horses probably a little more than I should, but they look so darned nifty!

This little gal is a fantasy custom of the Breyer G2 Stablemate Paso Fino to a simple gold with a pop of tiger. I’m not sure when I painted her, but she was sold in March 2004, so sometime before that! 😉

Other than the stripes, she looks to be a pretty basic repaint only custom.

I wish I still had the uncropped photos because it’s hard to tell how I painted her. I know the gold wasn’t shaded because I only had one shaded of gold paint at that time, but I think the eyes were done realistically. (At least based on the other horses painted in 2004.)

Glossy? Matte? I’m leaning towards matte, just because I didn’t gloss as much in the early years… but your guess is a good as mine.

This little gal and Shadowcat both have realistic tiger striping and were fantasy echoes of a pair of realistic orange tigers that are still sitting on my workbench a bazillion years later. The more I update and document everything, the more I want to add to the tiger-themed herds… so maybe those two will make it to the finish line soon!

Gold Standard - Custom Breyer Stablemate G2 Paso Fino - Right
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