July Camp NaNoWriMo – Day 7

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It’s Day 7 and things have gone Not According To Plan™, which is more or less what I was expecting.

The beginning of this month’s Camp NaNo has been fraught with illness, other priorities, and general exhaustion. Thus the only real writing that got done was whilst I was at the Write-in (where we chatted more than we typed). Irony, thine power is strong…

But things are looking up now and I seem to be coming out the other end of the tunnel. With luck I’ll be able to rouse my Muses and catch back up with the target wordcount this weekend– or at least get caught up enough that things don’t look quite as hopeless as they do now.

Total Word Count: 7,760
Thus Went the Day: Was more or less at a roadblock, but I managed to think around it whilst at work (all of my writing is done at home). So once I got my fingers to the keys things really took off!

New Fictives: Flame (red foxhawk), Watchlight (red foxhawk), Sir Mirrim (a Foxknight), Sir Delvia (a Foxknight)
New Locations: None
Unexpected Plot Point of the Day: A fight, a hatching with horribly bad omens, and Baron finally found a good reason to impress on May… now he just has to keep them both from being killed for his heresy.

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