July Camp NaNoWriMo – Day 2

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I’m trying to keep the spam of the NaNo posts down, so everything is hidden behind the cut. Happy NaNoing!

Daily Word Count: 4039
Thus Went the Day: I hit up the write-in at Aromas and while there was a lot of talking, we got some good writing time in as well. Then a little more writing in-between cleaning sessions and I ended up with a respectable word count. Hopefully I can continue the trend tomorrow and Monday!

Writing Sessions

  • Time: 5 hours, Words: 3071 (roughly 10 5min sets of 300)
  • Time: untimed, Words: 968

Where I Wrote: At the write-in and a the coffee table, nothing on the treadmill today, too much cleaning! Heh.
What I Wrote: More fleshing out of the background and whatnot, but I finally got a decent outline for the first scene and then moving forward. I also started fleshing out Baron’s first POV, although I’m, not sure if I’ll be using it in the final version or not.

New Fictives: Baron
New Locations: The hatchery
Unexpected Plot Point of the Day: Baron wins out on his plot point, the original person who was meant to be his rider was killed. Oh, and btw, the foxhawks can apparently see the future. Joy.

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