July Camp NaNoWriMo – Day 13

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Okay, so maybe assuming I could pull off daily progress reports was a little overly optimistic, but at least I’m not as far behind on my wordcount as I thought I’d be at this point. My NaNo efforts normally have lulls and swells, but historically if I’m this far behind it’s hard to catch up again.

But darned if I’m going to lose the inaugural Camp session! *puts her Muses to the grindstone*

So, yes, it’s Day 13 and I should be at 21,671 words based on the 30 day deadline and 20,967 words using the 31 day deadline. Right now I’m sitting at 14,451 which is a good chunk under both of them. I’ve done pretty well the last two days and managed to close the gap somewhat, but I’ll either need a run of 2-3k days or a weekend 5k sprint to be back in the ballpark.

I’ve printed out a set of 5k goal cards, where I get to color in (or cross off) each 100 word block that I complete. It’s much more satisfying to see the blocks slowly filing in on the smaller graph… coloring them in on the big wall printout just reminds me of how far I still have to go.

I’m at the point where the first portion of the storyline has been solidly roughed out and there’s a lot more actual story in it than I’m used to seeing. I’m also writing less filler than expected (descriptions, backstory tangents, world-building info dumps, etc) which could either be good or bad, since it’s the filler that tends to even out the plot-holes.

The second part had lots of room for padding, since it takes place while May and Baron are at school at Oak Grove. Lots of room to explaining why things are the way they are and frantically back-filling plot holes I didn’t know I had. (Nothing like having to fictives arguing over the rationality of the underlying world logic. *sighs*)

Once I get past part two, however, I’m flying a bit blind. I know there will be an attack on Oak Grove, but I’m not sure how or why or who… and Baron’s antics have developed a threat I hadn’t even considered when I started. The foxhawks seem bound and determined to make this story about them, and the POV contrasts are enough that I might just let them get away with it… who needs human antagonists? Pshaw!

Erm, yes… *eyes rough plot outline* Whee?

Here’s hoping everyone else’s Camp adventures are going well!

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