July Camp NaNoWriMo – Day 1

I’m trying to keep the spam of the NaNo posts down, so everything is hidden behind the cut. Happy NaNoing!

Daily Word Count: 1284
Thus Went the Day: Nothing beats the thrill of the first day of National Novel Wiriting Month! (or, in this case, Camp NaNoWriMo) Things have been a little crazy outside of the NaNo preparations, so I’m really counting on this three-day weekend to get some solid word count in place. Normally the first day of NaNo is the easiest, but this time around I couldn’t quite settle into the flow of things.

Writing Sessions

  • Time: 5min, Words: 283
  • Time: 5min, Words: 362
  • Time: 5min, Words: 276
  • Time: 5min, Words: 363

Where I Wrote: After work, while watching some really random television
What I Wrote: Really random things about May and her family, mostly her family. Still getting a feel for these fictives– I think Petty may turn into more of a character than I thought he would. Hmm. Got a good intro point as well, need to flesh that out tomorrow , get some solidity to her personality and the place she has grown-up.

New Fictives: Maybelle Smith, Petty Smith, Aaron Jones, Cousins Myrtle, Danny, Willis, Beth and Aunt Ilsa.
New Locations: The inn in Two Beaches, the bakery in Oak Grove
Unexpected Plot Point of the Day: Nothing yet

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